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Dr. Sloane is great!  She has helped my daughter and me with our back issues, as well as, some challenging diet, nutritional issues. The staff is friendly and very helpful.  There is not much of a wait after you sign in.  After the adjustment my back and neck feel so much better - I feel like I can stand straighter.  I have been a patient of Dr. Sloane's for over 10 years.  I do recommend Select-Care Chiropractic to others. Dina 5 I appreciate that, Dina, thank you!

I have been a client for two years now and it was the smartest thing I ever did.  Dr. Sloane has been doing an amazing job I notice the improvement everyday.  Everyone is friendly and absolutely professional.  I look forward to every visit, by this point my appointments are more like visiting old and dear friends.  I suffered an injury to my lower back in August of 2018 and the pain was awful.  Dr. Andrea took care of this issue marvelously you'd never know I had ever even been injured. Zachary 5 Great to hear, Zach, and thank you so much!   The relationships we develop with long-term patients is special to all of us, as well.  You all make the day much brighter for us.  

I've been going to Select Care for 3-4 years now. The front desk person is always so upbeat and friendly and every doctor I've had there has been wonderful. I just recently went to Dr Marie and I immediately trusted her for my care. She really took the time and did a full body manipulation and I felt wonderful afterwards. Cheryl 5 That is so great to hear, Cheryl.   Dr. Marie will be thrilled to hear this nice review, as will Alex and Amanda.  We appreciate it and appreciate you!  

A very welcoming and friendly environment. Always accommodating. Always there to help in an emergency. I wasn't into chiropractic care until I had a sciatic episode that left me unable to get out of bed. I remembered their name because they are near my doctor's office, called and they took me right in. That was 3 years ago. They certainly resolved that problem quickly but I saw how a regular appointment helps me stay injury free with my running and other activities Carla 5 Thank you, Carla!   We appreciate you and are happy to help in any way we can.  

Caring,kind professional treatment. Amanda 5 Thank you, Amanda!  That made my day! Dr. S

Dr Sloane is wonderful in adjusting my back and helping me stay mobile. She concentrates on whatever area is bothering me an helps alleviate my pain. Karen 5 Thank you, Karen.  I really appreciate being able to help you. 

Dr Sloane is great!!! Heidi 5 Thanks so much, Heidi.  I always enjoy seeing you!

I always enjoy my appointments. Everyone there is so pleasant and helpful. The Doctors always listen to you and adjust your treatment as needed. Colleen 5 Thank you, Colleen.  Listening is definitely our goal!

Dr. Pete KNOWS how to get to the root causes of my back issues.  He uses a combination of "traditional" (for me, anyway) back manipulation on a chiropractic table and standing stretches (he assists) to relieve my pain.  Hasn't failed yet!  And out in the office, Alex & Amanda are helpful and caring. Erik 5 Thank you for that vote of confidence, Erik!  We all appreciate your kind words. 

I live with constant pain. Dr. Sloane works not just my spine but any area where things may be out of sync. She has gotten me through many a difficult time with her excellent techniques. Marilyn 5 Thank you, Marilyn!

I saw Dr. Marie today for the second time. Very informative, very thorough and an overall great appointment! Looking forward to my next adjustment. Alicia 5 Thank you, Alicia.  We appreciate you.  

I am new to this area but not new to chiropractic. I was looking to pick up where my old chiropractor left off. Dr Pete listened to what I wanted and did everything and more. He explained the reason for every movement and I felt great when I left. Diane 5 Thank you, Diane!

I am new to this area but not new to chiropractic. I was looking to pick up where my old chiropractor left off. Dr Pete listened to what I wanted and did everything and more. He explained the reason for every movement and I felt great when I left. D 5 Happy to hear that, thank you!

Always feels good to have help staying aligned! Melissa 5 Thank you, Melissa!

I am very glad I found this place.  They are very friendly and welcoming from the minute you walk in.   I have only had two visits, but I think they are going very well and definitely feel some relief when I am there.   I am looking forward to the rest of my visits to help with my neck/head pain. G 4 Thank you!  

Highly competent chiropractic care. Extremely organized and well run office. Warm and friendly atmosphere. Simply the best. Anywhere. Mary 5 Thank you, Mary.  That sums up what we hope to achieve in our service to the community.    We are happy to be able to help!

I always have a positive experience in this office. Dr Sloane  always listens to what is being said and is thorough & gentle in her treatments. It’s so nice to be able to talk to a health provider who listens to what is being said. M 5 Thank you, MW.  It was great to see you again.  I do try to listen.  I feel that that is somewhat of a lost art in healthcare today.    

I have been a client for over a year now and it has changed my life.  I never leave an appointment disappointment it was the smartest thing I ever did. Zachary 5 Wow, thank you, Zachary.   That is so good to hear.  Most people do say that once they give chiropractic a chance to work.   It is natural healing and is what the body was designed to do!

Entering the office is the beginning of an appointment in a positive, friendly, professional environment. Being greeted by name, receiving prompt attention to future appointments, and having appointments on time all indicate an efficiently run office by Amanda. Professional services focus on specific needs through conversation. When the appointment is over,  you leave feeling better because of the treatment and the commitment to excellence by Dr. Sloane. Ed 5 Thank you, Ed.  We really appreciate that.  We do try our best at the front and back end to give a positive experience and quality care.  We love your visits and interesting conversations are always a guarantee with you.  :) 

I have been coming to Select-Care for many years and have never had a bad experience. I would recommend to others. Linda 5 Thank you, Linda!  

These doctors have helped me so much. I would recommend to anyone. They take there time with you and are genuinely concerned about you. Sheilah 5 Thank you, Sheilah.  We really try our best and truly appreciate your comment.

I’ve been with Select-Care going on 4 years now. Before going to them, I would literally be unable to sit or sleep for weeks due to chronic back pain. I have not had any problems with my back in all the years I’ve been going here. Dr. Andrea always asks questions regarding my health and has given me helpful suggestions during our discussions. Great staff! Love them all! Cheryl 5 That is so good to hear, Cheryl.  We all appreciate it and are happy to help in any way that we can.  

I have been a patient of Select-Care Chiropractic for many years.  The Dr’s services have been an essential element for maintaining my health as well as repairing the damage i have done to my body in sporting and working events.     I am truly appreciative of the care i receive !! Stephen 5 Thank you, Steve!  We always enjoy taking care of you!

My husband and I both go here for back/ neck issues from being new parents.  We are always greeted with a smile by staff that know you by name and always ask about family and sincerely care about you and your well being.   Everything is explained to you and gone through thoroughly and thoughtfully.   Wonderful experience April 5 Thank you, April.  We have enjoyed getting to know you both, and look forward to continuing to help you heal and navigate the waters of parenthood! 

I have been going here for over two years now and every single time, every single session has nothing but the best. From the front staff to the doctors, everyone is very friendly. I love Amanda’s greetings, always smiling and courteous, I feel like I have known her forever. I actually miss my interactions with them when my sessions are two far apart. I love my doctor, she understands exactly what I need and since seeing her my upper and lower back feels a lot better. She also adjusted my jaw which I knew where causing headaches. That has been also under control. I can’t  say enough good things about them, I know these are the people I want to have taking care for me and I am very fortunate to have found them. Paloma 5 Thank you so much for sharing that, Paloma!  We treat our patients like friends and family, for sure! 

Dr. Andrea is very knowledge not only of chiropractic practice but of overall health issues and nutrition. All of the staff at Select Care is professional and courteous. The office is punctual with appointment times and it isn’t difficult to get an appointment. Highly recommend! Roxeanne 5 Thank you for all of that positive feedback, Roxanne.   We know how important all of those points are, and it is our goal to serve in such a way.  We appreciate you. 

I would highly recommend Select care chiropractic. They're so professional and friendly, from the moment you walk in till the moment you leave. Great adjustment and always leave feeling better!! Sue 5 Thank you, Sue, that is so nice to hear. I am glad you are feeling better already!  Thank you for coming in to see us.

As always; staff were very professional, was seen on time, and they are genuinely interested in the well being of there patients. Michael 5 Thank you, Mike.   That is definitely our goal every day.  We appreciate you!

Always great adjustments with tips on staying healthy and a genuine interest in my well being as well as that of my family! Janette 5 Thank you, Janette.  I always enjoy our visits and conversations!

The staff is very friendly and knowledgable.     I love Dr. Andrea Dievendorf!     She is a great listener, patient and helped me relieve my pain on the first visit and it only keeps getting better.     I can't help but say she is my miracle worker!  Thank you so much! Marlene 5 Thank you for the heartfelt comments, Marlene.  As the owner of Select-Care, I know that you are absolutely right and Amanda up front and Dr. Andrea in the back definitely make for a super-star team that I am very proud of.  Thank you for coming in to let us help you. Dr. Sloane

Very welcoming office & staff! Provided information throughout the treatment which was very helpful! I’m glad I chose this office and will definitely recommend it to others as well. Anam 5 Thank you very much, Anam.  We are happy to have you with us and definitely appreciate any recommendations you may make, as that is how many of our new patients find us!

Dr. Sloane and her staff are incredible. From the time you walk in the door and get Dr. Amanda greeting you with an up beat "Hi" to Dr. Sloane or Dr. Andrea reviewing your program with you it is a great and relaxing experience. Everyone is knowledgeable and very understanding of your needs and how to make you comfortable and relaxed. John 5 Thank you, John!  That made my day!   We do have a great team in place and are so glad that you have had a positive experience all around.  

Been to a lot of Chiropracters, Great visits. Looking forward to working with them. Melissa 5 Thank you, Melissa.  We really do appreciate that and try very hard to be a step above the rest.     Thank you for your trust in us.  

The office setting was very relaxed and comfortable  and the staff was very friendly.  My exam was very complete and everything was explained to me.   I began feeling the results after by first treatment.     I highly recommend select care. Tim 5 Thank you, Tim. That is exactly how a first visit at Select-Care should go.      We are happy to help and look forward to working with you.  

The level of care is always there!  I have never had a bad experience. Zach 5 Thank you so much, Zach!

I am beyond thrilled with the level of service and knowledge I have received.  Everyone is so professional and efficient.  I am enjoying our work together Zach 5 Thank you Zach, that means so much to us.  We are happy that you are happy, as that is our ultimate goal.

The entire staff at Select Care is awesome, caring, personable and helpful.  Good communicators and very knowledgeable.   Pete R. Peter 5 Thank you, Pete.  We always enjoy seeing you and helping you to be your healthiest, naturally!

I have been pleased with the adjustments and medical advice from Dr. Andrea. Years ago I  suffered from whiplash from an automobile accident. The adjustments that Dr. Andrea has done have helped to restore my Range of Motion and limit my discomfort. I sleep better and wake up with no pain. Each session begins with moist heat to my lumbar and cervical area. The heat helps me to relax before seeing the Doctor. Kathy 5 Thank you, Kathy.  We do therapies at Select-Care for those patients who would benefit from relaxing their muscles before the adjustment.  Not all chiropractors take the time to do this, as you may know.     We are happy to help keep you going!

Highest level of care.  No stone unturned.  Competence is the highest.  I feel great from my care there. Ronald 5 Thank you for sharing, Ron.  We do pride ourselves on being thorough and keeping the personal care side to health care that is often missing in other forms of healthcare today.

i came back to select care because they helped me a few years was my first day back and i feel really good, i’m looking forward to my next appointment... kelly 5 Kelly, I am so glad to see you again and am especially happy to hear that you are healing and improving already.  Thank you!

I am pleased with the relief I'm feeling after three visits.  The pain is not as frequent or aching as much.  Dr. Andrea explains what she is doing and she reviewed my case in depth.     The receptionist conducts her business in a professional and friendly way.  I would refer my friends and family. Carole 5 Thank you, Carole.  Dr. Andrea and Amanda do a fantastic job for sure!

Dr Sloane is a wonderfully approachable professional who always brought me relief. Without a doubt, the quality of my life has been raised since she has started treating me. Maren 5 Thank you so much, Maren.  I always enjoy our visits and look forward to continuing to help you have a better quality of life!

I am very impressed after only three visits!     I see improvements already Zach 5 Great news, thank you for sharing, Zach.

Today was my first visit and I am extreme satisfied with my experience.  I look forward to great success in the future! Zach 5 Thank you, Zach!

This was my third visit and I am very happy with the staff and Dr. Sloane.  They take time to explain to you what they feel is the best treatment plan for you. Sheilah 5 Thank you so much, Sheilah.  We are here for you!

I have been a patient for years and have always had a wonderful experience. Very friendly and caring. Linda 5 Thanks for letting us care for you over the years, Linda!

The minute one walks into the office, he/she is greeted by name (if a returning patient) with a smile and a warm welcome. Appointments begin on time and move along professionally. If you are have the heat treatment on your back, the staff asks specific questions about problem areas and adjusts the treatment. Later, the chiropractors move through the treatment, explaining what is being done and providing an assessment. They are always positive, friendly, professional, helpful in addressing problem areas. The first and ongoing treatments are always of equal quality. Haven't gone to a chiropractor before? Try Select-Care and you will realize why so many new patients join the ranks of satisfied patients. Ed 5 Aw, Ed!  You are the best!  We all adore your visits, and we hope to help you for years to come!

The staff was very friendly and made me feel right at home. Dr. Andrea was very thorough in discussing my health situation and when she did the adjustment she told me what she was going to do before doing it.  I am so glad I decided to change to this practice as I feel they are going to be able to help me with the headaches that have plagued me for quite a while now. Karen 5 We are glad that you changed as well, Karen!  Thank you!

Select Care has been treating my back and hip issues since my pregnancy. Now that I have had my baby, Dr Andrea has been helping me get my hips back to normal. She not only does treatments, but also gives me tips for at home and this has helped immensely. Nikki 5 Thank you, Nikki!  We are always here for you!

I can’t say enough about this practice. The staff is friendly, eager to assist and very professional. I’d recommend them to anyone.  Your goals are their goals and they’ll do whatever they can to help you achieve them. Matt 5 Thank you so much, Matt!  That means the world to us.

Always good seeing Dr. Sloane who takes a personal interest in your heath and well being and how that fits into your lifestyle. She not only adjusts you but aways goes extra mile to make recommendations for care, like adding in a supplement if called for, which often she has on hand. Always reassuring to know your in good hands with her! Janette 5 Thanks, Janette.  We love taking an holistic approach, and appreciate you!

Dr Andrea is great! I'm at the end of my pregnancy and she was able to give me relief the first visit! I left feeling great and have already made two recommendations to family and friends! Jen 5 Thank you for your trust in us!

as always - excellent care and very professional -- Sloane was/is easy to explain my problems to. Edward 5 Thank you, Ed!

I’ve been coming to Dr Sloane - and others on occasion - for years. She provides the right combination of treatments depending on whether you have routine issues or something special. Highly recommend!!! Jane 5 Thanks, Jane!  We love helping you!

I had my initial consult today and Dr. Andrea was fantastic.  Very compassionate and didn't dismiss anything.  Having suffered with chronic pain for 20+ years it was a welcome change to have a doctor listen to the symptoms.  I left in much better spirits and have already recommended a friend go there. Marcie 5 Thank you so much, Marcie.

Thank you for all you do to help me feel healthier Megan 5 Thanks for letting us take care of you!  We appreciate you.

When Our first Son was born, he had trouble spitting up too much. Through chriporactic adjustment that  issue was resolved. Our second son had trouble turning his neck to one side and is thriving now as a  of Dr. Sloane's  adjustment.     When i was pregnant for both boys I     had horrible sciatica, the only releif I found were  in Dr. Sloane's  adjustments! Such a difference maker. Dr. Andrea gives phenomoninal adjustments as well. When you walk in you are greeted by Amanda and Kristen and they are just so delightful too. An all around all-star team!  I would highly recommend this buissness! Grace 5 Thanks, Grace.  We always aim to create a top-notch experience!  We appreciate you!

These people are friendly, caring and professional.     Little to no waiting time.  And they carry additional supplies and excellent vitamin supplements. You rarely find many health care offices like this--Top of the pack!!! Pete 5 Thank you!  This makes us happy, as this is always our goal.

Yesterday was my first appt with Dr. Andrea and I was very pleased.  She took the time to ask me questions AND listen to my answers AND reviewed my previous appointment notes.   I am glad I met her and scheduled my next appt with her.  Very nice person and skilled doctor! Nancy 5 Thank you, Nancy!

Professional, informative & comfortable Ronnie 5 Thank you!

Quick follow up,  great assessment and great initial treatment! Tiffany 5 Thanks, Tiffnay!

Had a great visit and body feels relaxed and comfortable afterward. Mike 5 Thanks, Mike!

The quality to care is always first rate; doctors there are the best! Michael 5 Thanks, Mike!

Dr. Sloane is very knowledgeable & professional.  I always leave my appointment feeling better than when I walked in!                 She is a very caring, and thoroughly addresses any concerns I may have.  I would highly recommend this office. Marcelle 5 We appreciate that, Marcelle!

I have chronic illness issues and have been with Dr. Sloane since she opened her practice in 2002. I had seen another chiropractor before her and thought this type of care, strongly suggested to me by a neurosurgeon for me medical issues, as my best avenue of relief. He was AWFUL! Then, I found Dr. Sloane! She has been amazing for me to help keep me ambulatory. Many visit doctors like her for wellness care but I need her help for much more then this. I never thought to even mention my ankle issues until recently and now she is addressing this. Her limits are boundless. Her will to help others are boundless. Her heart and soul to reach out to help her patients is huge and comes from a small lady with a huge heart! Marilyn 5 Thanks, Marilyn!  We really appreciate you and are happy to help however we can!

I have chronic illness issues and have been with Dr. Sloane since she opened her practice in 2002. I had seen another chiropractor before her and thought this type of care, strongly suggested to me by a neurosurgeon for me medical issues, as my best avenue of relief. He was AWFUL! Then, I found Dr. Sloane! She has been amazing for me to help keep me ambulatory. Many visit doctors like her for wellness care but I need her help for much more then this. I never thought to even mention my ankle issues until recently and now she is addressing this. Her limits are boundless. Her will to help others are boundless. Her heart and soul to reach out to help her patients is huge and comes from a small lady with a huge heart! Marilyn 5

After being a patient of this practice for 14 years, I can only say, that thanks to excellent care, tailored to my needs, I was able to live a full life and stay pain free. My primary physician barely knows me. Thank you Select Care Chiropractic team for your excellent work! Katarina 5 Thank you, Katarina.  We really enjoy seeing you!

When I first arrived yesterday, I signed in and Lori always makes patients feel welcome.  Dr. Sloane did the usual adjustments and I felt great when I left.     Even though I have not yet met Dr. Andrea, everyone at Select Care is very friendly and I would expect the same from the new doctor.   I respect Dr. Sloane for her knowledge not only of chiropractic practice but of overall health issues and nutrition.  If it weren't for Dr. Sloane, my daughter Anneliese would probably still be having sinus problems that were being brought on by consumption of corn products. We first started going to a chiropractor because Anneliese has scoliosis.  Her regular bone doctor was not helping her at all but just wanted her to come in on a regular basis for x rays.  The chiropractic treatments have helped her tremendously and she feels so much better.     I had lower back pain and with regular visits I have not had the lower back pain come back.  We have been patients of Select Care for many years now and do highly recommend this practice to other people. Dina 5 Thank you, Dina.  We really appreciate you and enjoy seeing you!

Been coming here for years. Melanie 5 Thanks, Melanie!

The staff was very knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Dievendorf was friendly and took the time to explain everything from possible causes of my pain to how the treatment work. I would certainly recommend. Paul 5 Thank you, Paul.

Staff was professional and friendly.  Made me feel very comfortable. Nancy 4 Thank you, Nancy!

I had not been there in a few months and when I called I was graciously given am appointment right away. It was so nice that Dr Sloane remembered all of my chiropractic needs. The support from Dr Sloane and staff is second to none.  I would recommend Select Care Chiropractic Services to everyone. Sharon 5 Thanks, Sharon!

The staff os always friendly and take time to get familiar with each patient. Dr. Sloane is so knowledgeable and great to work with. I've never felt like I was in better hands, literally. I went both while I was oregnant and therafter. My toddler goes to her and now so does my newborn for colic/gas/fussiness. J 5

office well organized making it easier for pt. and dr. Staff cheerful ,helpful and friendly. Dr. absolutely great I leave feeling better and know someone listened to me. Dina 5 Thank you so much, Dina!

Received excellent chiropractic care; staff are very friendly and always willing to address any concerns.  Have been going here for over 2 years; their level of service has remained the best; evidenced by the fact that I have already booked my monthly appointments for 2016. Michael 5

Amazing service every time! The drs are great. Its like talking to a friend! Alicia 5 We enjoy you, as well, Alicia!

felt great after leaving, not at all sore like she told me I would feel. maybe she was too easy on me for the first visit?? wayne 5

I have been a patient of two chiropractors previous to this visit.  I have never felt so good after leaving an appointment as I did after having a visit with Dr. Savino.  I did not realize how out of alignment I was until I left the office.  She adjusted every area of my body.  I have another appointment this week and I am very much looking forward to it.  I encouraged my husband to see her and he has an appointment at the end of the month.     SHE IS AMAZING! Colleen 5

I usually go there once a month for an issue with my back. Today when I went in for my normal back correction, I also had some issues with my neck and elbow. Dr. Alicia was so accommodating.  Not only did she address those issues but she gave me advice on how to recover more quickly and suggestions on how to prevent future problems.  I can't recommend them enough. They are just the best. Nick 5

I've been a patient at this practice for 13 years now; that speaks for itself. Thanks to Dr. Eusebio I am pain free most of my days without taking any medications. She has been a blessing for me and my whole family. Katarina 5

I started going here over 2 years ago. This was my 5th Chiropractor and I was ready to give up but I still had a lot of pain.  Dr. Alicia worked through all my issues and I now go monthly for maintenance. I've never felt better and if I do have an issue, Dr. Alicia knows how to fix me up! Maureen 5

I get many all of my suplements here and really enjoy the personalized attention I get.  They are very knowledgeable and friendly! Kate 5 Thanks, Kate!

enjoyable and friendly experience Ed 5

I love Select Care Chiropractic and all the doctors there.  They treat you with respect and caring and really work with you to ensure that you feel your best as quickly as possible.  Definitely recommend them to anyone searching for a chiropractor. Amy 5 Thank you, Amy!  We appreciate you!

From the moment you check in at the desk, Select Care's staff is warm and friendly! Sheryl 5 Thank you, Sheryl!

I love having my back adjusted by Dr. Sloane.     She listens to you and is very caring.     Dr. Alicea and Laurie are very friendly and helpful. Dina 5

I've been in so much pain for so long that I got used to it. Dr. Sloane identified an SI Joint problem and after a few weeks I'm pain free. Thank you, thank you!!! Bill 5

So far, after only 2 appts... I have found Dr Sloane and her staff to be terrific! Everything is explained ahead of time, of what we are doing with mt treatment. I am very happy. Theresa 5

I've been suffering with lower back pain for years. After the first visit, the pain was reduced by 60% to 70%. After following the maintenance schedule with Dr. Sloane, my pain is gone. Thank you! These three ladies are the best chiropractors in the area! Tom 5

Dr. Alicia was very thorough and helpful. Jeannette 5

Absolutely the best chiropractor I've been to in years. Office atmosphere was aesthetical pleasing and child-friendly, staff were friendly and efficient. The doctor was informative, personalable, and easy to communicate with. Took great care of my child and myself!! Janette 5

Today was my first appointment and I am very pleased with my choice. The office staff is pleasant and accommodating.     Dr. Alicia was wonderful!  She is very attentive, thorough and optimistic.     I look forward to returning and starting my treatment plan. Lisa 5

First appointment went awesome, and can't wait to go back! Alex 5

I look forward to my treatments and am very pleased so far with the care I have received. Kimberly Sommer 5

Dr. Alicia really made me feel comfortable and explained every step of the way. I left there feeling confident I'm having her take good and gentle care of me and my unborn child. Jennifer 5

I was very impressed with my first visit to Select-Care Chiropractic.  I was sent my paperwork in advance to avoid having to rush through it in waiting room.     I was greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff, given a beverage and shown a short video about chiropractic care and the body.  I answered more specific questions with the practitioner about my issues, was examined, and received my first treatment.   I actually look forward to my next visit. Lynn 5

I've been seeing chiropractors for over 25 years.     Today was my first visit with Select-Care.  The adjustments were strong enough to make a difference where other chiropractors had failed to help. David 5

Dr. Alicia has been extremely helpful and professional in providing care following a rear-ended car collision which resulted in rib fractures and whip lash. The treatment plan is quite extensive, however, after only two weeks in her care, I am seeing positive results. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is experiencing pain following an accident as they are professional and courteous as well as extremely skilled. Judy 5

My first visit was very good and I have no complaints.  The doctor was very informative and look forward to getting a program and feeling better. Chris 5

The staff at this office are very kind and compassionate. Margie C 5

I was very pleased with my care. Dr. Savino listened to the issues i was experiencing as a result of a snowmobile accident. She suggested a series of treatments and also advised me to see my primary doctor also. Dr. Savino was very gentle in her treatments, and was quick to recommend stretches to help along with treatment. I was very happy with the appointment and look forward to going back knowing there is an established plan in place to help me regain mobility and full range of motion. Shawn 5

I am impressed with the skill of my Doctor. Adjustments are performed with minimum required pressure, precise control and effective results. Just what I had been looking for. This is the place you want to go for great care. You won't be disappointed. Very personable staff. Richard 5

Got me in quickly when I had to reschedule due to weather. I Was not feeling well and left feeling better. Megan 5

Great care.  Left feeling much better. Sandra 4

Whenever I leave the office, I feel so much better and these sessions are helping me control my migraines. Everyone in the office is so nice. Kelly 5

I am really glad that my mom convinced me to go see Dr. Alicia.  I am starting to feel better and I have to say its all her!  I would HIGHLY recommend this place. Amy 5

Right from the minute I walked in the door, the employees at Select Care Chiro were friendly and efficient. I was shown into a room only a few minutes after I arrived and didn't have to wait like I have had to wait at other doctors offices. Rooms were clean and Dr. Savino asked questions and listened to what I had to say. She also explained everything that was going to happen throughout the whole appointment. Dr. Savino was very gentle and was always asking if I was doing alright during the exam. Thumbs up for all the employees at Select Care! Cheryl 5

I have had only positive experiences here! The adjustments help me get rid of back pain and stiffness. I haven't had any major back problems since I started going to Slaone several years ago. I always feel great after an adjustment. Michelle 5

I am new to the area and my mom has been a patient of Dr. Alicias.  I have had back issues since I delivered my daughter in August.  I have had headaches also for the past three months. I went for my first appt with Dr. Alicia on Wed. It has been forever since I have felt this good.  I feel that many chiropractors will feed you with a bunch of BS to keep coming back. I feel that Dr, Alicia is the real deal. She was honest and made me realize that she could help. I am hopeful with this practice that they are going to help me finally feel good. I would HIGHLY recommend this place! AMY 5

I was well informed. After the first appointment I had relief from a problem that I have had for weeks. Margaret 5

I particularly liked the neck massage. I like it when I don't feel rushed through my adjustment. Mary 4

Dr. Sloan is always attentive to my needs and gives me her total attention. I received heat treatment, massage, neck and hip adjustment.She also worked on several areas that are stiff in me. I have been a patient for 12 years since she opened her practice. I was looking for a chiropractor and answered an ad in the Pennysaver. I had seen another chiropractor who was too rough on me as I am disabled. I thought I would try again with this ad. I am glad I did and found a very caring person who really listens and actually works with her patients. Marilyn 5

Always professional, courteous, friendly, and punctual.  They listen and are very reactive and proactive with your medical needs.     They know their business! Diane 5

It is as pleasant as it could be.  The correction process is not a quick or easy one, but I see improvement and I am learning about my body's problems.  As always the staff and the doctors are a pleasure to be around.  They are beginning to feel like family! Mary 5

Great experience in your office! Thank you. Robyn 5

I love going here...I fell better afterwards and the chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable! Kate 5

I went to 4 other chiropractors and has almost given up before someone recommended Select Care. I could barely turn my head when I started and now I have great range of motion. I still go once a month for maintenance and iti is well worth it to me!!! Maureen 5

My experience was pleasant from the very moment I entered the space.  I found everyone very professional and friendly.  Dr sevino was very thorough and put me very much at ease.  I walked in with a good deal of stiffness and walked out feeling so much better.  I have every confidence that they will be able to resolve all my issues.  I am looking forward to my next appointment. Mary 5

What a great visit. My first time. Everyone was welcoming and informative. I walked out feeling great! Susan 5

took me in quickly on a moment's notice Tom 4

Dr. Savino was very helpful and through. Her work has relieved my discomfort. Catherine 5

I woke up with severe lower back pain. The office was able to fit me in right away since they had a cancellation .Already feeling some relief, going back tomorrow for another treatment. Rebecca 5

Good experience by professional staff.     Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Phyllis 5

Both of these ladies are fabulous! Melanie 5

Always a good experience. Friendly profrssionals and they know your name edward  5

I have been going to Select Care for over 10 years.     I look forward to the personalized attention each time I go and the expert care I receive! Karen 5

All staff friendly, personable and helpful.     I had not been for treatment in some time, Dr. Sloane spent considerable time with me reviewing my history and current problems prior to manipulation.  Besides hands-on treatment, suggestions re diet and exercises were also given. Nancy 5

I love coming to Select Care! I have been to several chiropractors and this is the best. Drs Sloane and Alicia treat the whole person. I recommend coming here to everyone. Nancy 5

The office staff has a professionalism that makes me confident in the whole process.  I always feel that everyone listens to my needs, whether chiropractic or insurance. Thank you. Lesley 5

I am thankful for Dr. Sloane and Dr. Alisha since if I did not get adjusted I know I would be struggling with lower back pain   Dina 5

I wasn't sure what to expect since I had never been to a chiropractor before. However, my first experience was very positive. The doctor explained my condition very thoroughly and walked me through the adjustments she was going to perform. I am confident that the care I receive will help me tremendously Laura 5

great as always kelly 5

Awesome!   Bryan 5